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Tena Lady Ultra Mini 28 pcs

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  • Tena Lady Ultra Mini for use with slight discharge. 

    TENA Discreet Ultra Mini

    With leak protection and odor control

    • Fast and discreet protection
    • Soft and easy to wear
    • More absorbent than ordinary panty liners
    • Prevents the formation of odors

    Discreet protection for mild bladder weakness
    In Germany, millions of people suffer from bladder weakness. A sensitive bladder mainly affects women, whose everyday life is often characterized by fear of unpleasant situations.
    TENA® enables a life without restrictions despite a weak bladder. The Ultra Mini panty liner was specially designed for women with very mild bladder weakness who want to stay active and feel completely safe even when coughing and sneezing. The reliable triple protection discreetly protects against leaks, moisture and odors. The unique wafer-thin absorbent core is twice as absorbent as in conventional panty liners and thanks to micro absorbers it immediately locks in the liquid. The silky-soft, textile-like surface is pleasantly gentle on the skin so you almost forget that you are wearing a panty liner.

    For a feeling of
    security TENA® Discreet panty liners have been specially developed for safe leakage protection. Thanks to microPROTEX ™ compression technology, materials with a high absorption capacity are closely interwoven. The liquid is absorbed directly where it matters. The specially perforated QuickDry surface absorbs moisture immediately, the skin remains pleasantly dry. In addition, the innovative Fresh Odor Control with absorbent microbeads prevents the formation of odors and ensures an always discreet and fresh feeling.
    TENA® Ultra Mini contains only pH-neutral and dermatologically tested materials to protect the skin.

    Experts' tips for bladder weakness
    Women with bladder weakness often tend to drink little. However, it is advisable to drink 1 glass of water every hour for the bladder to function properly. On the other hand, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol should be avoided if possible: They have a diuretic effect and can therefore have negative effects on bladder weakness.
    Good digestion can reduce frequent urination. A healthy lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet can aid digestion.

    Many women often feel insecure and restricted in everyday life even with very slight bladder weakness. Discrete panty liners such as TENA® Ultra Mini with reliable protection against leaks, moisture and odors give women with bladder weakness a dry and secure feeling at all times - at work and in all leisure activities.

    Women of all age groups are affected by bladder weakness. The cause of the involuntary loss of urine, for example when sneezing or coughing, can be weak pelvic floor muscles. Just
    5 minutes of daily training can efficiently strengthen the muscles: The exercises are simple and can be performed anywhere without being noticed.

    Doctors differentiate between 3 main types of incontinence: Urge incontinence is manifested by a sudden, violent urge to urinate, while stress incontinence results in involuntary loss of urine during physical exertion. If both forms occur together, one speaks of mixed incontinence.

    Bladder weakness can become an uncomfortable companion during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones, better blood flow to the urinary organs and the growing weight of the child can all be causes of an increased urge to urinate. In the event of uncontrolled loss of urine, a panty liner can provide security and maintain discretion.


    How big are the Ultra Mini panty liners?
    TENA® Ultra Mini are normal sized panty liners with a length of 19.2 centimeters. They were specially developed for women with very mild bladder weakness. The unique, ultra-thin absorbent core is twice as absorbent as conventional panty liners.

    Can I also use conventional panty liners or pads if I have slight bladder weakness?
    Conventional liners and panty liners are unsuitable for bladder weakness due to the difference between urine and blood. Urine is more fluid than menstrual bleeding and leaks more, which requires faster suction.
    All TENA products have been adapted to the special requirements for the absorption of urine. Leaking liquid is quickly absorbed, at the same time moisture is drawn away from the body and odors are trapped in the core. In contrast to some feminine hygiene products with fragrances, TENA panty liners and pads are made from pH-neutral materials that not only cover up the odor, but also help to neutralize it.

    Why are women more likely to have bladder weakness?
    In fact, women are about twice as likely to experience bladder weakness as men. This is due to the significantly shorter urethra and the wider pelvis of women and the different hormones. So-called stress incontinence during physical exertion, which is usually based on weak pelvic floor muscles, is particularly common in women. However, bladder weakness can also be triggered by a naturally overactive bladder, hormonal changes or certain illnesses.
    If you have bladder weakness, you should work with your doctor to determine the cause. This makes it easier to deal with bladder weakness and helps you cope with everyday life despite urine leakage or excessive urination.

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