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Share the Love. Save €10 from €99 with code LOVE

Sweden Bitter Arlberger Elixir 500 ml

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Original price €15,90
€15,90 - €15,90
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  • Bitters are valuable aids in digestion. If bitter food is ingested, this is reported by the bitter receptors, which leads to an increased production of gastric acid. The liver and pancreas stimulate the production and release of digestive enzymes and accelerate digestion in the small intestine. 

    In recent decades, the food industry has been cultivating more and more naturally contained bitter substances from salads, vegetables and bitter fruits. This lack of bitter substances can lead to insufficient formation of stomach acid and digestive enzymes in the liver and pancreas. 

    This in turn can lead to flatulence, bloating and stomach pressure.

    The bitter substances contained in the selected parts of the plant have a digestive effect and stimulate digestion and help with a feeling of fullness and after sumptuous meals.

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