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Organic Spelt Grains Pillow 40x80 cm 1 pcs

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  • Organic Spelt Pillow 40x80cm is an organic spelled skin pillow is filled with organically grown spelt husk.

    Welteckes organic spelled husk pillow - a treat for your muscles. 

    Spelt is the ancient grain of wheat and consists almost exclusively of silica, which also forms our connective tissue. For this reason, the pillow adapts optimally to the shape of the human body and therefore puts less strain on the muscles.

    Due to the structure of the husk, however, it must not be moistened!

  • The organic spelled fur pillow can be used as it is as a purely supportive pillow.

    Of course, it can also be heated (40˚C in the oven) and in this way have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation at the same time.

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