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Schoenberger Slimming Classic 10-day Set

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    Humans are part of nature and therefore closely related to it. The more original and natural the substances we add, the more intense their energizing effect. The second pillar of the tried and tested Schoenenberger slimming cure is made up of the three all-natural medicinal plant juices artichoke, nettle and potato, which can unfold their natural effects in their entirety.

    Since it was founded, the Schoenenberger company has worked according to the principle of "Let the natural as possible as possible!" The idea was expanded through the consistent implementation of controlled ecological cultivation.

    The 10-day complete package

    In addition to the plant juices, the cure package includes a cure plan for a full diet according to the nutritional concept of Dr. H. Anemueller, scientific archive for nutrition and dietetics, as well as a cure glass for easy mixing of cocktails.

    The Schoenenberger Slimming Classic - This is how it works

    Pillar 1: The nutrition plan

    The nutrition plan is designed for a duration of 10 days and is calculated with 1200 kcal per day. All recipes have been developed according to the principles of a wholesome diet rich in vital substances. The Schoenenberger Slimming Cure has various recipe suggestions for breakfast as well as for lunch and dinner ready for you, which you can prepare in the specified order or combine individually according to your personal taste.

    Pillar 2: The medicinal plant juice cocktail

    Take the medicinal plant juice cocktail in the morning and in the evening before you eat. With the help of the original cure glass included in the cure package, the basic mixed drink can be easily mixed with the perfectly coordinated medicinal plant juices.

    Pillar 3: The exercise

    Do not forget that exercise and light sport are good for your health and support permanent weight loss. Therefore, make sure to exercise regularly, preferably in the fresh air.

    Pure natural medicinal plant juice Artichoke contains artichoke flower bud press juice and is traditionally used for mild digestive problems.

    All-natural medicinal plant juice Nettle contains pressed nettle herb juice and is traditionally used for flushing therapy for mild urinary tract complaints and to improve mild joint pain, solely due to long-term use.

    All-natural vegetable juice Potato contains pressed potato juice, which is used as a traditional herbal medicine for heartburn due to years of use. For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    The Schoenberger Slimming Classic set includes:

    Course plan according to Dr. H Anemueller
      • 2 bottles of 200 ml nettle juice each
      • 2 bottles of 200 ml artichoke juice
      • 4 bottles of 200 ml potato juice
      • 2 bottles of 750 ml FasToFit
      • 1 glass for mixing the vegetable juices

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