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Hair Tonic 150 ml

by Sebexol
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Original price €10,14
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  • Sebexol Hair Tonic - with itching and tightness of the scalp
    Sebexol Hair Tonic is free of fragrances and dyes and contains no alcohol. It is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive and allergic scalp itching or tightness.
    Due to its special recipe it gives the skin moisture, soothes and regenerates. The natural skin barrier is strengthened, inflammatory skin diseases are prevented.

    Also for circulation-stimulating massage both after shampooing or dry hair Sebexol Hair Tonic is best suited. It will not be washed out and gives the hair the more hold and volume.
    It is with pH 5 is ideal for daily use.

  • Wirkstoffe
    • 1 ml Meersalz
    • 1 ml Milchsäure
    • Natrium DL-lactat
    • Wasser, gereinigtes
    • Kalium sorbat