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Ritex Silverlight Condoms 8 pcs

Ritex Silverlight Condoms 8 pcs

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  • Extra thin for a natural feeling: 

    Ritex EXTRA THIN
    Natural sensation

    Ritex condoms EXTRA THIN are the contemporary result of decades of manufacturing experience and consistent further development. Top quality for the most natural feeling. Of course, like love itself.

    • Special washing process - pleasant smell
    • Dermatologically tested * - Very good skin tolerance
    • Premium quality - Made in Germany

  • 8 Ritex extra thin condoms made of natural rubber latex, transparent, smooth surface, cylindrical, with reservoir, width (lying flat) 53 mm, Dimeticon lubricant.

    Ritex Condoms Extra Thin are medical devices intended for use during vaginal intercourse for contraception and infection protection.

    No method of contraception can guarantee 100% protection against pregnancy and infections.

    Use each condom only once. Store cool, dry and protected from direct sunlight.

    Never use together with lubricants / vaginal suppositories containing oil or fat.

    Please note the detailed information on the package insert.

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