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Baby & Child Nose Balm 10 g

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  • The Rhinoclir Baby & Child Nose Balm protects and cares for the delicate skin around your child's nostrils in a natural way. For colds, constant sneezing, dry and / or irritated nasal mucosa, the skin is particularly strained there. Unpleasant crust and scabs in the nostrils is also prevented.

    The high-quality flavors angelica, thyme and oregano also ensure soothing scent without irritation of the mucous membrane. The Rhinoclir Baby & Child Nose Balm relieves rhinitis symptoms and facilitates nasal breathing.

  • Apply 2-3 times a day, especially in the evening, an ointment strand of 1 cm in the nostrils and the nostrils and distribute it carefully. For reasons of hygiene and to avoid infection of the tubes approach should be wiped after each use.

    Rhinoclir Baby & Child nose balm should not be used 12 months after first opening of the tube.

  • lanolin, olive oil, St. John's wort extract, beeswax, angelica oil, thyme oil, oregano oil, vitamin E, linaloöl, palm oil glycerides