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Sale - Save up to 70 %

Ratioline Protect Gel Patch Size 4 pcs

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  • Ratioline gel plaster for light burns (1st degree) and superficial abrasions. Today, plastic floors are found in most sports halls, and many sports areas outside are also equipped with artificial turf. When falling, this leads to typical combination injuries. When sliding across the floor, frictional heat arises, so that in addition to abrasion of the skin, it also burns the skin.

    Such wounds must first be carefully cleaned to remove foreign particles. Then the gel plaster must be applied, which completely covers the affected area like a second skin and cools the burn.

    Ratioline gel plaster

    • Relieves the pain after burns
    • Has a pleasant cooling effect
    • Keeps the wound moist
    • Supports wound healing
    • Simple application

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