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Philips OneBlade for face and body 1 pcs

by Philips
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  • Philips OneBlade for face and body with unique OneBlade technology. The OneBlade blade was specially developed for trimming, styling and shaving beard, it moves 200 times a second and cuts even long hair quickly and efficiently. Philips OneBlade for face and body has a double protection system for more comfort in every application thanks to a special anti-friction coating and rounded tips. It is particularly durable and lasts up to 4 months * 

    For Face
    For an even beard style. With each attachment you can trim a different beard length (four attachments for four lengths).

    Style: Easy styling with precise contours thanks to the double-sided blade. Thanks to the slim design, you always have an optimal view of the area to be styled.

    ShaveJust go against the current: OneBlade really shaves every beard length, even against the direction of growth. OneBlade does not cut as close to the skin as conventional blades and is therefore gentle on the skin. 

    For Body
    With the blade for the body and the green trimming attachment, you can quickly and easily trim body hair to 3 mm.

    For sensitive areasThe skin protection attachment can be attached to the blade and provides additional protection where it is needed (e.g. armpits, genital area).

    Shave: For less sensitive areas (e.g. chest) you can use the blade without a skin protection attachment. Long pulls against the grain guarantee a quick and safe result.


    * (For best results. Base: 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary)

    Item Included:
    2 blades (1x face, 1x body)
    Precision trimmer (0.4 - 10 mm)
    Trim and skin protection attachment for the body
    Li-Ion battery: 90 min. Running time
    100% waterproof