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2021 First Sale: 5th - 17th January
2021 First Sale: 5th - 17th January

Wash Lotion 150 ml

by Papulex
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  • Papulex Wash Lotion is suitable both for cleaning greasy and very greasy skin and for cleaning the irritated as a result of acne therapy skin.
    The particular composition allows gentle yet deep cleansing of the skin. The disturbing greasy and thus the "fuel" of P. acnes is removed by the surfactants. In addition, ABA (anti-bacterial adhesion), a patented Sinclair active ingredient, the proliferation of P. acnes will cut down on the skin. The guidelines compliant active ingredient nicotinamide reassured, glycerin and sorbitol moisturize the skin.
    DermaCosmetic - Soap-free - free of salicylic acid

  • Apply twice a day to the previously moistened skin, massage gently and then rinse thoroughly again.
     Avoid eye contact.

  • Kosmetische Wirkstoffe:4% Nicotinamid (Niacinamide), 1 % ABA (Sucrose Stearate), Glycerin, Sorbitol