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Gel 40 ml

by Papulex
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  • Description
  • Application
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  • Papulex Gel - For the cleansing of impure skin

     • For cleansing of dirty skin and beautiful skin after shaving
     • Acne, Folliculitis and shaving pimples
     • For face, body and bikini line
     • Effectiveness scientifically proven
     • Application in the morning and evening
    Information about bad skin:
    Some people have to fight only during puberty with the appearance of blemished skin, while others suffer all their lives. Papulex can provide a remedy for all concerned. The cosmetic treat impure skin prone to acne contains 4% nicotinamide (Vitamin B3 complex), which is effective as a topical anti-inflammatory agents such as an antibiotic, however, sensible as a lotion. Through daily use morning and evening of Papulex significantly improve the skin can be determined after eight weeks at a plurality of users. This is evidenced by a randomized double-blind study.
    Papulex not dry out the skin unnecessarily, is not a risk of resistance there and can be applied even in direct sunlight.
    About Folliculitis:
    In the summer, especially sensitive skin areas such as the bikini line and armpit area to be shaved increased. The repeated irritation of the skin may occur Folliculitis, which appear in the form of itchy, red pimples on the shaved points. Papulex can make this unpleasant side effect of relief and help to anti-free shave.

  • In a first step, the skin is gently and thoroughly cleansed with the cleanser. By the pH value of 5.5, it is perfect for daily cleansing of the affected skin. Infections are inhibited and visibly improves the complexion. The skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent care with the Papulex gel. This is two times a day applied selectively to the sites of inflammation.

  • Aqua, alcohol, laureth-12, lauryl glucoside, nicotinamide, magnesium aluminium silicate, hydoxypropyl methylcellulose, citric acid.