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Orthomol Nemuri - Hot Sleeping Drink

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  • Orthomol Nemuri - Hot Sleeping Drink is a dietary supplement. With balm extract, hops extract, glycine and L-tryptophan and contains melatonin as a contribution to shortening the time to getting into sleep.

    Nutrients to support sleep
    • Fine granules for easy and quick preparation
    • Soothing hot drink
    • Evening ritual to get you in the mood for the night

    Melatonin helps to reduce the time of falling asleep. The positive effect occurs when 1 mg melatonin is taken shortly before bedtime.

    Melatonin helps alleviate the subjective jet lag sensation. The positive effect occurs when 0.5 mg melatonin is taken on the first day of travel just before going to bed and on the first days after arrival at the destination.

    Vitamin B6, niacin and magnesium contribute to normal mental function and normal functioning of the nervous system.

  • Put the contents of a sachet (= daily portion) in a cup and pour about 100 ml of hot, no longer boiling water. Dissolve with stirring and enjoy as warm as possible for about 30-60 minutes before going to bed.

    1 daily portion of 10 g of hot beverage granules

  •  Maltodextrin, Glycin (30%), Magnesiumlactat, Dextrose, L-Tryptophan (5%), Säuerungsmittel Äpfelsäure, Melissen-Extrakt (aus Melissa officinalis) (1,8%), Theanin-haltiger Grüntee-Extrakt (aus Camelia sinensis) (2 %), Theanin, Säuerungsmittel Citronensäure, Aroma, Hopfen-Extrakt (aus Humulus lupulus) (0,3%), Nicotinamid, Süßungsmittel Acesulfam K und Sucralose, Pyridoxinhydrochlorid, Melatonin