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Spinnrad Fructose HT Powder 250 g

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  • Oligofructose is a dietary fiber that is found in many domestic vegetables, fruits and grains, e.g. wheat and asparagus. Oligo spinning wheel is made from chicory. This soluble fiber has a slightly sweetening effect (approx. 30% of the sweetness of sugar) without any annoying aftertaste or aftertaste. It improves the taste of food. Particularly good results are achieved with fermented milk products such as yogurt and quark with fruits, as oligofructose enhances the natural fruit aroma. The oligofructose powder is cold-soluble and is suitable as a high-fiber additive for various dishes. 

  • Dosage and instructions for use:
    Add 2 g oligofructose powder 1-2 times a day to any food.
    Do not exceed the daily dose of 10 g - 12 g as it can lead to intolerance such as flatulence.

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