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Olbas Drops 12 ml

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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • For colds and mild headaches. Olba's drops are a proven, concentrated home remedy that, according to ancient tradition, is obtained as a pure distillate of essential oils from valuable peppermint, kajeput, eucalyptus, juniper berries and winter greens.

    Olba's drops do not contain alcohol. They have a pain-relieving and antibacterial effect and can be used internally, externally and for inhalation. Just a few drops are enough.

    Active ingredients

    • 210 mg of eucalyptus oil
    • 210 mg of cajeput oil, rectified
    • 530 mg peppermint oil

    Auxiliary materials

    • Wintergreen oil
    • Juniper berry oil

  • Type of complaint application

    Exhaustion as a result of
    or exhaustion

    Rub forehead, temples and neck with a few drops of Olbas and
    take 2 drops in water several times a day.

    Intestinal catarrh Take 3-4 drops of Olbas on sugar 3 times a day.

    Colds / defenses






    Let 1-2 Olbas work in the mouth (inhale
    through your mouth and exhale through your nose). At the first signs you should
    inhale with Olbas and then gargle several times a day with 3-4
    drops of Olbas in lukewarm water.

    If you have a slight sore throat caused by a cold,
    gargle several times a day with 4-5 drops of Olbas in lukewarm water

    If you have a cough, take 3-4 drops of Olbas on sugar several times a day
    and inhale frequently with Olbas.

    a headache



    If you have a nervous headache,
    moisten your finger or handkerchief with Olbas and massage your temples with it.

    Place the cold damp pad sprinkled with Olbas on the forehead. When
    to see a doctor frequently occurring headaches.

    Nervous stomach pain
    Take 4-5 drops of Olbas twice a day with water. Consult a doctor

    Oral hygiene


    Gargle with 1-2 drops of Olbas in water.
    Brush inflamed gums with Olbas on cotton swabs several times a day or put
    2-3 drops of Olbas on the toothpaste / brush and use it to brush the
    teeth and massage the gums.
    Nerve pain neuralgia

    Rub the painful areas well with Olbas several
    times a day, take 3-4 drops of Olbas three times a day on sugar or in a little water

    Whole packs with Olbas.
    Wash the body with warm water, rub the affected areas with plenty of Olbas. Wrap the patient
    with woolen towels.
    Repeat several times a day and night. Follow doctor's instructions.
    (strains, dislocations,
    Rub in with Olbas and apply a damp
    pressure bandage sprinkled with Olbas . Lie quietly. Consult a doctor in severe cases
    Leg cramp Rub the affected area with Olbas.
    Wound healing

    Apply Olbas 2-3 times a day to abrasions or other open wounds
    ; Olbas has a disinfecting and
    wound healing effect and does not burn in the wound.
  • 10 g (= 11.1 ml) of liquid contain:
    Active ingredients: Peppermint oil 5.3 g, Cajeput oil 2.1 g, Eucalyptus oil 2.1 g
    Other ingredients: Juniper berry oil 0.3 g Gaultheria oil 0.2 g