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Sale Ends Tomorrow: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

OHROPAX Noise Protectors 12 pcs

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Original price €4,70
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  • OHROPAX Noise Protectors is pleasantly soft made of wax against noise, ideal for sleeping and relaxing. OHROPAX ™ Classic has been the tried and tested noise protection product since 1907. The unique recipe - cotton wool, soaked with a mixture of Vaseline and various paraffin waxes - was so successful from the start that it hardly had to be changed until today. 

    The OHROPAX ™ success story begins at the beginning of the 20th century in the pulsating capital of Berlin. In a place that was synonymous at the time with lively activity, never-ending noise and a hectic departure into a new era. Here the resourceful pharmacist Maximilian Negwer brought his noise-insulating wax balls onto the market for everyone as the first product of this kind.

    Inspired by Homer's famous portrayal of the Greek hero Odysseus, who had the ears of his ship's crew closed with beeswax balls to the deadly song of the sirens, Negwer literally created a classic with OHROPAX ™, which to this day makes the luxury of silence tangible.

    OHROPAX Classic is ideally suited for undisturbed sleep due to its high level of comfort. It is also a pleasant aid for general relaxation, with meditation exercises, with concentrated reading and work, with DIY and with loud music. Thanks to the tight closure, OHROPAX also offers protection against moisture and wind. 

    The subtle skin-colored balls can be optimally adapted for each ear canal and significantly reduce noise pollution. The fact that the supple and skin-friendly material sticks securely in the ear and there is no feeling of pressure contributes to the high level of comfort.


    1. Before use, completely remove the cotton wool from the earplug with clean fingers. If necessary, shrink the plug slightly by tearing it off. Do not use torn pieces anymore!
    2. Knead the plug until it is soft, shape it into a coherent, sufficiently large ball and use it to seal the auditory canal tightly with gentle pressure. Do not insert deeply!
    3. Remove the plug with your fingers after use. A slight pressure from behind on the auricle loosens the plug. Do not use any hard or pointed objects!

    Before using it in the presence of loud noise, you should first check whether the plug is suitable for this exposure. Take into account the sound insulation values ​​and the safety instructions (see product information). 

    Sound insulation according to EN 24869-1

    OHROPAX ™ Classic has high sound insulation values ​​across the entire frequency range.

    How do I find out whether the product is suitable for a certain noise exposure?

    1. Determine the level (dB) of the impact sound at the respective frequency (e.g. using device documentation).
    2. Subtract the associated value for the assumed protection (also called APV, indicated in the table as assumed protection).
    3. They are only adequately protected if the remaining value is below 85 dB. This applies to a daily exposure time of up to 8 hours.

    To simplify matters, you can also calculate with the following (approximate) mean values:

    • SNR value (single number rating, general insulation)
    • H value (high, at higher frequencies)
    • M value (medium, at medium frequencies)
    • L value (low, at lower frequencies)


    A device generates a sound level of 100 dB at a frequency of 1000 Hz. OHROPAX Classic insulates the sound at this frequency by 22.6 dB (approx. Protection APV). There remains a noise level of 77.4 dB. OHROPAX Classic is suitable because the value is below 85 dB.
    Product information
    Ingredients: Vaseline, various paraffin waxes, cotton wool
    Color: Inconspicuous, skin-colored Nominal
    size: Not applicable

    Properties: Any shape, skin-friendly wax material. Adapts to every ear without pressing.

    General safety
    instructions Disposable earplugs to be molded before use in accordance with standard EN 352-2: 1993. Tested on November 18, 1993 by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB, Bundesallee 100, D-38116 Braunschweig, notified body 0102.

    • Insert the earbuds carefully according to the instructions for use.
    • Pay attention to a hygienic application. Ears and earplugs must be clean and dry!
    • Earplugs must be worn continuously in noisy areas.
    • Keep the plugs in the original packaging below 30 ° C until use.
    • Because it is not possible to clean it, we recommend using OHROPAX Classic only once.
    • This product can suffer from certain chemical substances. Further information can be obtained from the manufacturer.
    • Sudden or rapid removal of the earplug from the external ear canal can damage the eardrum.


    Failure to observe the instructions can considerably impair the protective effect of the product. Keep earplugs away from small children (risk of swallowing).

    Areas of application for OHROPAX Classic

    In the private sector
    OHROPAX ™ Classic is ideal for sleep, relaxation, wellbeing and meditation due to its high level of comfort. Also recommended for concentrated work, DIY and loud music.

    At work

    • OHROPAX Classic is particularly suitable in so-called non-classic noise areas such as open-plan offices and data centers (noise level <75 dB (A)).
    • Once in the ear, OHROPAX Classic is immediately ready for use. There is no need to wait for expansion times as with foam plugs.
    • No sweating and no pressure on the auricle like with earmuffs.
    • No problems with wearing glasses.
    • Can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and earmuffs.
    • Speech and warning signals are still perceived. The sound is insulated, but not completely excluded.
    • Due to the material used, OHROPAX Classic is not suitable for workplaces that are warm or exposed to dirt and dust. Because it is not possible to clean it, we recommend using OHROPAX Classic only once.


    OHROPAX ™ Classic is regarded as highly tolerable. It does not contain ingredients with known allergy-causing potential. Sometimes you have to get used to hearing protection. We recommend increasing the wearing time gradually. In rare cases, your own pulse rate is initially perceived. This effect usually disappears after a short period of getting used to it.

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