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Noreva Exofoliac Gel 30 ml

Noreva Exofoliac Gel 30 ml

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  • Noreva Exfoliac Gel is an anti-imperfections gel, specially developed for sensitive blemished skin with inflammation.

    - Physiologically antibacterial: regulation of skin flora and sebaceous lipids
    - Controlling the release of free fatty acids
    - Improving the barrier function of the skin
    - Even with a tendency to acne, perioral dermatitis, rosacea or ingrown hairs
    Thanks to the unique patented active ingredient combination of phytosphingosines and Vitamin B3, Noreva Exfoliac A.I. Gel quickly and effectively reduce the impurities. With regular use, impure skin smoothes and finds its natural balance again.

    High compatibility - Without fruit acids (AHA) - Without parabens - Non-comedogenic - Not photosensitizing

  • Evening after cleansing with Zeniac gel thin in the area of

  • Wirkstoffe:
    Vitamin B3 (Vitamin PP, Nicotinamid, Niacinamid) 4 %
    Phytoshpingosine 0,2 %
    In einem alkoholischen Gel



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