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Share the Love. Save €10 from €99 with code LOVE

Noreva Exofoliac A.I. Cream 30 ml

by Noreva
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Original price €17,90
€17,90 - €17,90
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  • Description
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  • Noreva Exofoliac A.I. Cream is an anti-imperfections cream. It is physiologically antibacterial: regulation of skin flora and sebaceous lipids, control of the release of free fatty acids, improvement of the barrier function of the skin. Also with tendency to acne, perioral dermatitis, rosacea or ingrowing hair

    • Inhibits bacterial growth on the skin
    Improves the barrier function and regulates sebum secretion
    • Reduces pimples and blackheads
    Hydrating and soothing
    Mattifies shiny oily skin
    • Smoothes the skin and improves the complexion

    Noreva Exofoliac A.I. Cream can be used in combination with other products from Noreva Exfoliac lineI.

    n the morning after cleansing with Zeniac Gel, apply extensively to the appropriate skin areas. Use ACtipur gel in the evening for insensitive skin. If you have a pronounced tendency to blackheads, use Zeniac LP or LP Forte Cream in the evening. If you have a tendency to ingrown hairs on sensitive skin, use Zeniac solution in the affected areas below.