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Sale - Save up to 70 %

Nisita Nasal Ointment 10 g

  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Nisita® nasal ointment can be used extensively:

    For prevention 

    • protects the nasal mucous membrane from drying out in dry air
    • prevents irritants from coming into contact with the nasal mucosa

    For treatment

    • moisturizes the nasal mucosa
    • dissolves crusts and crusts
    • for supportive cold treatment in babies and children
    • improves nasal breathing and can thus lead to a reduction in snoring


    For aftercare 

    • supports the regeneration of damaged nasal mucosa in the event of colds, nosebleeds and after operations.
  • For dry nasal mucosa:


    • for the supportive treatment of a blocked nose, e.g. a runny nose
    • for cleaning and moistening the nasal mucous membrane, e.g. when the room air is dry
    • for loosening crusts and crusts
    • Nisita® nasal ointments are suitable for adults, children and infants


    Insert about 1 cm of the ointment into each nostril several times a day. Insert the tube neck as deeply as possible into each nostril, squeeze out some ointment and distribute it evenly over the nasal mucosa by gently massaging the nostrils. The inner surfaces of the nose can also be smeared with a cotton swab to which Nisita® nasal ointment is applied. The applications should take place several times a day, especially before going to bed.

  • 100 g of ointment contain 2.8 g of sodium chloride and 7.2 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate.

    Other ingredients: wool wax alcohol, lemon oil, white vaseline, medium-chain triglycerides, viscous paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol.