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Double Discount: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

Nepro-Rella Tablets 400 tab

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  • Nepro-Rella is versatile supplement to daily food. It contains 100% Chlorella pyrenoidosa, a freshwater alga from East Asia that is one of the most nutritious in the world.

    • Cultivation in the open air under strictly controlled conditions
    • 100% Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae without additives
    • very high chlorophyll content (3.34%)
    • Regular checks by an independent laboratory in Germany
    • not actively irradiated (e.g. gamma rays)
    • no radioactive pollution (e.g. because of Fukoshima)
    • no heavy metal pollution (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury)
    • since freshwater algae only contain traces of iodine (1.2 ug per tablet) (for comparison: pollack 260 ug per 100 grams or lamb's lettuce 55ug per 100 grams)

    Because of its high content of important nutrients, Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a comprehensive supplement to the daily diet. The following important vital substances are supplied to the body:

    • Vitamins In addition to vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, there are considerable amounts of vitamin A and vitamin B12, which are normally not found in plant foods. Nepro-Rella ™ is therefore also particularly suitable for adding nutrients to vegetarian food
    • Unsaturated and saturated fatty acids
    • Vegetable protein: With a protein content of 58%, Nepro-Rella ™ is an excellent source of high-quality vegetable protein. There are 17 important amino acids, including all 8 essential, in a balanced ratio.

    Chlorella pyrenoidosa also sets itself apart from other herbal food supplements because it contains:

    • the highest concentrations of chlorophyll (leaf green) found so far in a natural organism
    • high concentrations of RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the building blocks of the genetic make-up
    • the CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor). CGF is a complex mixture of proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals.

    The special combination of essential vitamins, essential fatty acids, high-quality vegetable protein, high concentrations of chlorophyll and nucleic acids as well as the Chlorella Growth Factor is the reason why Chlorella pyrenoidosa has been one of the most popular food supplements in East Asia for many decades with many millions of users.

    The following should be noted:

    • The stool turns green depending on the amount of tablets taken. This is due to the high chlorophyll content of the alga and is completely harmless
    • Often there is an increase in the amount of excreted stool and, occasionally, an increase in stool frequency. This is also harmless or desirable, as it is an expression of an increased detoxification performance of the intestine.
    • Occasionally, an increased occurrence of intestinal gases is to be expected. This phenomenon usually disappears within a few days if the intake is maintained.

    Nepro-Rella ™ - herbal food supplements of the highest quality
    Nepro-Rella ™ tablets are made exclusively from the microscopic, single-cell freshwater algae Chlorella pyrenoidosa, without any additives, coloring, flavoring or aromatic substances. Only algae are used for the production of Nepro-Rella ™, which are cultivated under strictly controlled conditions in an area of ​​East Asia, where the environment is still free from pollution. The algae are gently dried and thoroughly checked for quality, purity and the absence of harmful microorganisms and pollutants before processing into tablets.

  • Chew 3 to 5 tablets 2 to 3 times a day or swallow whole with a little liquid.

  • Chlorella pyrenoidosa

    nutrient per 3.0 g = 15 tablets Per 100 g
    Physiological calorific value 48.8 kJ (11.6 kcal) 1624.5 kJ (388 kcal)
    protein 1.74 g 58.1 g
    carbohydrates 0.32 g 10.7 g
    Fats 0.38 g 12.5 g
    Fiber 0.29 g 9.6 g
    Chlorella Growth Factor 105.0 mg 3.5 g
    Chlorophyll 84.0 mg 2.8 g
    Vitamins and minerals per 3.0 = 15 tablets % Daily requirement *
    Vitamin A 304.2 µg 38.0
    Vitamin B12 6.3 µg 630.0
    Carotenoids 1.82 mg -
    iron 2.5 mg 17.9

    * The percentage values ​​indicate the amount of the daily requirement according to the nutrition labeling directive 90/496 EEC is covered with 15 tablets.


    As a freshwater algae, Chlorella contains only very small traces of iodine (1.2 µg per Nepro-Rella ™ tablet).

    amino acids per 3.0 g = 15 tablets
    Lysine 90.0 mg
    Threonine 75.0 mg
    Valine 93.0 mg
    Methionine 36.0 mg
    Leucine 135.0 mg
    Phenylalanine 75.0 mg
    Arginine 102.0 mg
    Aspartic acid 138.0 mg
    Serine 129.0 mg
    Alanine 129.0 mg
    Proline 75.0 mg
    Cysteine 30.0 mg
    Histidine 30.0 mg
    Glutamic acid 180.0 mg
    Glycine 90.0 mg
    Tyrosine 54.0 mg
    Isoleucine 78.0 mg
    Fatty acids  per 3.0 g = 15 tablets
    Unsaturated fatty acids 297.7 mg
    Saturated fat 77.3 mg