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Molkur Care Soap 100 g

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Original price €5,95
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  • For the particularly mild care of sensitive skin. Refined from high-quality vegetable oils with valuable sour milk whey. Protects and cares for dry and flaky skin.

    • with the skin's own lactic acid
    • replenishing and moisturizing
    • from vegetable oils
    • with nourishing skin nutrients from a special concentrate of fresh sour whey
    • for a pleasant skin feeling even with frequent use
    • prevents cracked skin

    Molkur® care soap is the natural active skin care with a specially developed care formula that cares for your skin and protects it at the same time.

    Lactic acid is an important natural regulator of the protective acid mantle of your skin. The special concentrate made from valuable sour whey contains the mineral salts and trace elements that are so important for the function of your skin.

    Daily cleaning with Molkur® care soap keeps the protective acid mantle of your skin intact and supplies it with the necessary nutrients. These strengthen the skin flora and make it more resistant to environmental influences and external stimuli.

    • without dyes
    • without perfume
    • without preservative substances
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