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Double Discount: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

Mitex Röhnfried Concentrate (Pet) 1000 ml

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  • MITEX vet. Roehnfried concentrate is a liquid insecticide concentrate and contains the natural substance of a pyrethrum plant and insecticides with a synergistic effect. The product destroys flying and crawling insects such as the red bird mite, fleas, lice, feather flies, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Mitex kills the vermin quickly, while it has low toxicity to warm blooded animals.

  • Apply Mitex directly to your birds' perches or housing items, or use the product to completely spray the house. Mix 100ml Mitex with 2 liters of water (if there is a strong infestation of blood mites, for example, use 1 part Mitex and 1 part water daily for a week). 

    Spray the stall thoroughly with the solution. Before you start spraying, please remove your animals, food bowls or troughs and drinking troughs from the stall. It is particularly important to spray the sleeping areas, perches and all other objects. You can only bring animals and bowls back in after the product has dried up and after thorough ventilation.

    You need 2 liters of Mitex working solution for approx. 10 m². To achieve a permanent effect, apply Mitex undiluted with a brush in corner areas, cracks or perches. Please ensure that there is always good ventilation during use.

  • Active ingredients per 1000ml:
    Tetramethrin 1,900mg, Cypermetrin 26,350mg, Permethrin 26,350mg, Piperonylbutoxide 27,500mg