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Miradent Pic-Brush XX Fine 1.6mm - Pink Transparent 1 set

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  • Miradent Pic-Brush XX Fine 1.6mm - Pink Transparent color 

    • 1 x interdental brush holder
    • 1 x brush head pink xx-fine transparent 1.6 mm

    The Pic-Brush® interdental brush is ideal for cleaning brackets, braces, bridges and, above all, interdental spaces.

    The 120 ° angle of the conical insertion nozzle guarantees optimal and safe use. In addition, the Back-Pic with the alternative attachment option enables better cleaning of the front teeth.

    • Intensively removes dental plaque in the interdental space
    • High-quality flexible brushes with coated wire for gentle use
    • Conical inlet nozzle ensures that the brush is held securely
    • Ergonomically shaped handle with 120 ° attachment angle
    • Holder end with depot for brushes and additional clip-on function
    • Also ideal for cleaning brackets, bridges and braces
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