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Additiva Magnesium 300 mg N Powder 60 pcs

Additiva Magnesium 300 mg N Powder 60 pcs

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Leg cramps, lack of energy or poor concentration? Magnesium deficiency could be the cause. Adults should take 300 to 400 mg of magnesium daily, and athletes require more.

Supplements are useful if your diet doesn’t provide enough magnesium or in times of increased sporting activity or stress. That’s where our exceptionally high-quality ADDITIVA Magnesium products come in. They are exclusively available in pharmacies, with no need for a prescription. There is a product in the right dose and format to suit everyone’s specific needs.

All ADDITIVA Magnesium preparations contain magnesium salts of natural origin, in pure form. The use of magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide has proven successful for a number of reasons: magnesium carbonates taste natural and pleasant; magnesium oxide, on the other hand, has a particularly high magnesium content. Both salts can be easily taken up by the body. All ADDITIVA magnesium products dissolve rapidly in water, taste perfectly natural and leave no residues in the glass.

Granulated drink mix: our sachets of granulated drink mix (e.g. lemon flavour ADDITIVA Magnesium 300 mg granulated drink mix or orange flavour ADDITIVA Magnesium 375 mg granulated drink mix) are ideal for replacing both magnesium and fluid stores after sport.



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