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Louis Widmer

Louis Widmer Carbamid 12% Urea Cream 100 ml

Louis Widmer Carbamid 12% Urea Cream 100 ml

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Louis Widmer Carbamid 12% Urea Cream – For application on the skin in case of excessive keratinization, mild forms of fish scale disease, relapse prophylaxis and permanent treatment of fish scale disease.

Also for follicular cornification disorders, dry, brittle and reddened skin.


Apply 1-2 times a day to well-cleansed skin and massage it in thoroughly. For after-treatment, use twice a week or as needed.


1 g Carbamid Cream contains the active ingredients: 120 mg urea, 3000 U.l. vitamin A palmitate, 10 mg dexpanthenol. Propylene glycol, flavourings, antioxidants: butylhydroxytoluene E 321, butylhydroxyanisole E 320, preservative: phenoxyethanol and other auxiliary substances.

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