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Aurica Linden Blossom Tea 40 g

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  • Aurica Linden Blossom Tea is a herbal medicine for the prevention and relief of respiratory infections and cold symptoms.

    Aurica Linden Blossom Tea is the ideal help to counteract a cold in a natural way at the first signs. Linden blossoms activate the immune system and alleviate cold symptoms such as coughs and runny nose.

    Because of their sweat-inducing, calming and irritation-relieving effect, they are traditionally used for colds and flu-like infections, which include headaches, sore throats and fever. Its pleasantly sweet taste makes Aurica Linden Blossom Tea, sweetened with a little honey, very popular with children.

  • Unless otherwise prescribed, 1 cup of the tea infusion prepared as follows is drunk 1 - 2 times a day: 1 teaspoon of linden blossom (approx. 1.8 g) with boiling water (approx. Pour over 150 ml) and let it steep for about 10-15 minutes.

  • Medicinally active ingredient: Linden blossom