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Aurica Licorice Root Tea 80 g

Aurica Licorice Root Tea 80 g

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  • Licorice Root Tea is a herbal tea used to treat respiratory and stomach problems. Traditionally, the aromatic sweet tea is used for inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal area and for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Aurica licorice root tea is therefore the ideal aid for heartburn and acid-related stomach cramps.

    Aurica Licorice Root Tea consists of the dried, mostly unpeeled roots of the licorice "Glycyrrhiza glabra", also known as licorice. Because of its intense sweetness, liquorice is often added to bronchial and cold teas as a flavor corrector.

    By supporting the mucus solution and making it easier to expectorate, it also effectively counteracts colds with sore throats and coughs.

    active ingredient: Licorice root

  • Unless otherwise prescribed, 1 cup of the tea infusion prepared as follows is drunk 2 - 3 times a day: 1 ½ teaspoon licorice root (approx. 4.5 g) with boiling water (approx Pour over 150 ml) and let it steep for 10-15 minutes.

    Tea infusions made from licorice root should not be drunk for longer than 4 - 6 weeks without medical advice.


  • Medicinally active ingredient: Licorice root



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