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Primavera Lavandin Demeter Essential Oil 5 ml

Primavera Lavandin Demeter Essential Oil 5 ml

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  • Primavera Lavandin Demeter Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation. The Rondo fragrance fountain is ideal for aromatising and supporting the humidification of rooms.

    Lavandin is a hybrid of lavender fine, which is cultivated in cuttings; "Father" is the Speiklavender, "Mother" the lavender fine. Lavandin is larger and bushier than real lavender, it has a high oil yield, is cultivated in the lowlands and can therefore be harvested by machine. Lavandin is used in naturopathy to treat skin problems, for baths, compresses and to improve indoor air.

    The herbaceous-fresh essential oil lavandin demeter is more stimulating and activating than real lavender. It is ideal for disinfecting and neutralizing odors. On a physical level, it has an activating effect and is therefore an interesting essential oil for athletes. It also has a tonic effect on the skin, which is why it is also used in vein mixtures. We obtain our essential lavandin oil from our organic cultivation partner in Italy, Piedmont, in controlled biodynamic quality.

    Tip: After the sports massage oil, add 2 drops of organic grapefruit and 8 drops of lavandin demeter to 50 ml of organic St. John's wort oil and use as a sports massage oil.

    Tip: Invigorating leg spray for tired & heavy legs, add 20 drops of lavandin demeter to 100 ml organic immortelle water . Shake well. Spray onto legs to invigorate and activate.

    Fragrance profile fresh, herbaceous
    Fragrance effect relaxing
    Fragrance note Heart note
    quality Organic, Demeter, NATRUE organic cosmetics, vegan, IHTN
    Skin effect anti-inflammatory, regenerating, caring for the skin, mature, demanding skin
    Need / application Strengthening the immune system, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cramping, pain reliever, muscles & joints, colds, exhaustion & stress, scars, neurodermatitis
    origin Italy
  • Cosmetic for aromatic care of the skin. Mix max. 12 drops in 50 ml PRIMAVERA organic almond oil.

  • Lavandula Intermedia Oil * Org, Geraniol **, Limonene **, Linalool **
    * from biodynamic cultivation
    ** natural components of the essential oil



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