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Kneipp Shower Balm Eucalyptus Birch 100 ml

by Kneipp
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  • Sauna infusion eucalyptus birch
    - Facilitates breathing, invigorates and refreshes
    - With natural essential oils
    Regular saunas promote general well-being, the body's resistance and healthy skin circulation. The freshly bitter Kneipp® sauna infusion eucalyptus birch contains valuable, carefully selected essential oils in proven Kneipp quality.
    Birch extracts round off the beneficial effects of the Kneipp® sauna infusion and make it an effective addition to regular sauna sessions. Eucalyptus has a stimulating effect and is particularly beneficial for the respiratory tract in the wet and cold season. Its invigorating scent refreshes and dispels tiredness. Birch and its extracts support deep pore cleaning of the skin, have an invigorating and refreshing effect.