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Kneipp Arnica Ointment S 100 g

Kneipp Arnica Ointment S 100 g

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  • For rheumatic complaints
    Bruises, bruises, sprains and inflamed insect bites.
    Kneipp Arnica ointment S contains valuable active ingredients of arnica bloom in high concentration.
    They have a natural circulation-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant effect and thus reliably relieve pain. The lightly moisturizing ointment is ideal for the invigorating massage of stressed and tired legs and at the same time cares for the skin. By gently massaging towards the heart, blood circulation is also stimulated.
    Kneipp Arnica ointment S absorbs well, is extremely well tolerated and can be used several times a day, even over longer periods of use.




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