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Verla Iron C Pure Capsules 60 cap

Verla Iron C Pure Capsules 60 cap

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  • specially developed for consumers who want to take iron without coloring, flavoring and sweeteners, Verla Iron C Pure Capsules support your iron supply to perfrom central role in the body. In addition to iron, the capsules also contain vitamin C. Vitamin C increases iron absorption in the intestine.

    • Dietary supplement with bivalent iron (Fe ++ ) for good absorption in the body
    • With acerola as a source of vitamin C, which naturally increases iron absorption in the body
    • Unflavoured capsules based on vegetable cellulose
    • Free of colorings, flavorings and sweeteners - therefore ideal for allergy sufferers and people with intolerances
    • Without gelatine or other animal ingredients - therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Gluten-free and lactose-free
    • Suitable for children from 10 years

    As an elementary component of the red blood pigment hemoglobin, it is found in every red blood cell and supplies oxygen to all organs and tissues. Iron also has many other functions in the human body. So it wears, inter alia. to reduce tiredness and exhaustion and is essential for the normal function of the energy metabolism.
    • Take 1 capsule per day with sufficient liquid.
    • Note:  If desired, the cellulose capsules can be opened and the contents stirred into drinks, porridge or yoghurt

  •  acerola fruit powder * (acerola extract [fruit content per capsule: 15%], vitamin C), iron (II) gluconate, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell 12%), gelling agent gellan (capsule shell), separating agent magnesium salts of fatty acids.

    * natural source of vitamin C

    • Per daily recommendation (1 capsule): 10 mg iron (as iron (II) gluconate) and 80 mg vitamin C.



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