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Ilast Care Eyelid Cream 30 ml

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Original price €24,99
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  • ILAST Care Eyelid Cream is a hypoallergenic cream with hyaluronic acid, allantoin and vitamin A for the care and relief of eyelid diseases for ultra-sensitive skin. 

    • With hyaluronic acid, allantoin and vitamin A.
    • Free of preservatives thanks to the airless dispenser with Epifree® technology
    • Free from alcohol, lanolin and perfume
    • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested

    Our eyelids perform important functions for the health of our eyes. On the one hand, they provide mechanical protection that protects the eye from external influences and injuries. When you blink, the eyelids also distribute the tear film evenly on the surface of the eye and thus protect against dehydration.

    If changes in the eyelids occur, for example due to skin diseases such as atopy or blepharitis or after operations, this important function can be disturbed. If left untreated, this can lead to a vicious cycle of inflammation and dryness.

    Suitable and well-tolerated care creams supply the skin with moisture and promote healing. The skin of our eyelids makes special demands on care products because it is extremely thin and sensitive.

    Preservatives in particular can cause irritation, so these and other allergenic ingredients should be avoided if possible. Eyelid creams, which are offered in so-called airless dispensers, do not contain preservatives thanks to the innovative packaging and should be used with preference. In addition, the product is protected from contamination right up to the end.

    ILAST® CARE is a cream for the care and relief of eyelid diseases. The preservative-free formulation has been opthalmologically and dermatologically tested and is particularly suitable for the care of ultra-sensitive, allergic and diseased skin.

    It contains only a few carefully selected nourishing ingredients such as 0.5% hyaluronic acid, 0.2% allantoin and vitamin A to supply the skin with moisture and promote wound healing.

  • care of the eyelids Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before caring for your eyelids to avoid irritation of the sensitive mucous membranes. It is also advisable to clean the eyelids thoroughly, for example with ILAST® HYDRACLEAN.

    • Pump a pea-sized amount of ILAST® CARE onto the tip of your index finger. Look up and massage the dab of cream gently from bottom to top - starting from the area next to the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
    • Now massage in the cream gently in stroking movements from the inside out to the temple. You can also pat the cream in gently. Make sure to always massage the lower eyelid up or out, but not from top to bottom.
    • Put a small amount of ILAST® CARE on your fingertip again to apply the eyelid care to the upper eyelid. Close your eyes and massage the cream into the area next to the nose from the inside out in gentle stroking movements.
    • Now massage in the care cream in even movements from the center of the closed upper eyelid outwards towards the temple.

    Frequently asked questions & answers:

    How is ILAST® CARE used?
    During the first use, press the head of the vial 5 to 10 times to fill the pump tubing. Pick up the emerging cream with your index finger and then apply it. Apply a fine, even layer to the eye contour morning and evening and massage in with gentle movements.

    It is recommended that you wipe the opening of the bottle with a clean cloth after use to prevent contamination of the cream.

    For external use on the skin. Can be used for 3 months after opening.

    Does ILAST® CARE contain preservatives?
    Thanks to the airless pump, ILAST® CARE is free from preservatives. The innovative packaging still ensures optimal protection of the high-quality, caring ingredients. Other irritating ingredients - such as parabens, alcohol, lanolin and perfume - have also been deliberately avoided.

    What should you pay attention to when choosing care products for eyelid diseases?
    Ingredients or allergens that can cause irritation should be avoided at all costs. These include parabens, lanolin, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrances and dyes. Preservatives in particular should be avoided, as they can damage the skin barrier. Especially with allergic, atopic or ultra-sensitive skin and blepharitis, less is more! A minimum of ingredients ensures that sensitive skin is not unnecessarily stressed.

    In order to provide the skin with moisture and nourishing ingredients, it should contain hyaluronic acid, glycerine, allantoin and vitamin A, for example.

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