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Herba Vision Eyebright Eye Drops 15 ml

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  • Herba Vision Eyebright Eye Drops soothes irritated eyes! For better moistening of the eyes, especially when wearing hard and soft contact lenses.

    Herba-Vision eyebright eye drops revitalize and refresh tired eyes and moisturize sensitive eyes. They bring relief to stressed and overstrained eyes caused by wearing contact lenses, staying in smoky roomslengthy computer work or exposure to general environmental influences such as dust particles, pollen, etc.

  • If necessary, instill 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac of each eye and distribute by blinking.

  • 1 ml isotonic buffer solution contains:
    0.5 mg eyebright tincture (Euphrasia) (HAB 2000)
    0.001 mg polyhexanide
    0.1 mg EDTA
    2.5 mg HPMC (Methocel).