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Primavera Very Relaxed Fragrance Mix 5 ml

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  • To be with yourself. Lean back in the here and now. Primavera Very Relaxed Fragrance mix helps the pulse calms down, the thoughts stop circling. Deep rest and relaxation for body, mind and soul. Lavender, Benzoin, Siam and Ho leaves have a calming effect and envelop us protectively. The scent mixture Quite relaxed with the wonderful scent of pure serenity decelerates and brings calm and relaxation into our everyday life.

    • Lavender: relaxing
    • Benzoin Siam: enveloping
    • Ho leaves: balancing

      Fragrance profile flowery, sweet
      Fragrance effect relaxing
      quality vegan, IHTN

  • Put a few drops of the scent mixture on a scent carrier, eg scent stone or similar give.

  • Lavender, Benzoin Siam and Ho leaves among others