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Sale - Save up to 70 %

Hamasana Hamamelis Ointment 20 g

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  • Hamasana Hamamelis Ointment contains the natural ingredients from the bark and leaves of the Virginian witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana). The Indians of North America used the fresh leaves and twigs from experience to treat burns, boils and injuries. Hamamelis extracts have been used medicinally in North America and later in Europe since the mid-19th century.

    Today other active ingredients are also used in medicine for these diseases. What has remained, however, is that Hamamelis virginiana is very suitable for skin care, especially for cracked, brittle and dry skin. Witch hazel prevents the skin from drying out, which becomes increasingly dry due to age but often also due to insufficient water absorption, and foreign substances such as drugs disturb the balance. Unfortunately, even when exposed to strong sunlight, the skin is not only "tanned a little" as desired, but also mostly reddened and literally burned in some places.

    With Hamasana Hamamelis Ointment, dry, damaged skin regains its natural balance with a balanced water content, as the fat content in the ointment prevents water loss and can thus store moisture in the dry skin cells. Thus the skin becomes supple and the witch hazel extract soothes the irritated skin, even on sore spots.

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  • 100 g of ointment contain 20 g of distilled ethanolic extract from witch hazel leaves and bark (4: 1).
    Other ingredients: Vaseline, wool wax, wool wax alcohol ointment, viscous paraffin, water.