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Grethers Blackcurrant Silver Tin 60 g

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  • A treat for the throat and voice

    A special treat for the throat and voice are the Grether's Pastilles. With the original recipe from 1850, selected and high-quality raw materials are processed in an elaborate manufacturing process in accordance with Swiss manufacturing methods.

    The Grether Pastilles are also particularly popular with professional groups that demand a lot of the voice, such as singers and frequent speakers such as lecturers, actors and teachers.

    The inimitable fruity taste and the unique, pleasant consistency make the Grether ?? s Pastilles a perfect pleasure.

    • Natural currant juice
    • Vegetable glycerine forms a protective film around stressed vocal cords.
    • Agar-agar ensures a uniquely smooth consistency
    • Contains no preservatives or coloring

    agents • No gluten
    • No artificial coloring
    agents • No preservatives
    • No phenylalanine source

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