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Bombastus-Werke Ag

Bombastus Glaubers Salt 100 g

Bombastus Glaubers Salt 100 g

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  • Description
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  • Bombastus Glauber's Salt is a saline laxative for short-term use in the event of constipation and for emptying the bowel.

    The active ingredient is hardly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the intestinal cells and draws water into the intestine. The intestinal contents are softened and increase in volume. The enlarged intestinal content causes a stretching stimulus on the intestinal wall and thus triggers the reflex to defecate.

    What adverse effects may occur?

    When used as intended, no side effects are currently described for the drug.

    Caution: With chronic use, an increase in sodium can lead to edema, high blood pressure, for example, and loss of water and potassium to muscle weakness or heart disorders, for example.

    If you notice any disturbances or changes during treatment, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

    For the information at this point, side effects that occur in at least one in 1,000 treated patients are primarily taken into account.

  • Who? Single dose Total dose When?
    Children from 6 years 5-10 g (1-2 teaspoons) 5-10 g (1-2 teaspoons) per day in the evening before going to bed
    adult 10-20 g (2-4 teaspoons) 10-20 g (2-4 teaspoons) per day in the evening before going to bed

    Maximum dose: For a quick emptying of the bowels in approx. 2 to 4 hours you can take 20-30 g (1-2 tablespoons) of powder dissolved in 500 ml of water.

  • The amounts given are based on 1 g of salt

    Active ingredient Sodium sulfate-10-water 1 g



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