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Primavera Rondo Fragrance Fountain - creamy white 1 pc

Primavera Rondo Fragrance Fountain - creamy white 1 pc

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  • Fragrance fountains create a healthy and pleasant room climate through room aromatization and air humidification. Thanks to their beautiful appearance, they are an eye-catcher in your living and working spaces. The ceramic fragrance fountain Rondo is handcrafted in Europe and provided with food-safe glazes. 

    Material: high-quality ceramic with food-safe glaze
    Height 15.5 cm,
    Diameter 25.5 cm.
    Scent fountain pump 230V / 50Hz / 5W.
    Cable: Black.

    Contents: 1 fountain consisting of bowl and fountain ball. 1 fountain pump with black cable and including a matching water hose. The plastic used specifically for this pump is resistant to essential oils. The pump is suitable for continuous operation. So that you can enjoy the pump and your fragrance fountain for a long time, we ask you to observe the cleaning instructions and intervals in the fountain's instructions for use.

  • Intensify the invigorating effect of the fragrance fountain with the addition of 100% natural PRIMAVERA fragrance mixtures. To do this, add 5 - 10 drops to the water of the switched-on fountain, depending on your preference.

    The scented area is 3 - 4 meters.



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