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Foreo UFO Mini 2 - Peral Pink

by Foreo
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Original price €179,00
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  • Foreo UFO Mini 2with sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, onboard heating and plush microfiber masks steeped in premium plant extracts, the UFO range provides the ultimate facial treatment in two minutes or less. Use Foreo UFO Mini 2 at home to achieve the same dazzling glow, clear skin, fresh complexion and conquer‑the‑world feeling you get after visiting a premier beauty salon or world-class spa.

    • T-Sonic pulsations relax the facial muscles and improve the effectiveness of the ingredients
    • Warming up loosens the sebum on the skin surface and prepares the skin
    • Full spectrum LED light revitalizes the skin and improves every treatment
    • 100% waterproof
    • Skin-friendly silicone
    • Pre-programmed mask treatments
    • Safe and effective for all skin types
    • Rechargeable with up to 40 applications per (USB) charge
    • Works with the "FOREO for you" app, which is available for Android and iOS devices
    • Heats up to 45 ℃

    Foreo UFO Mini 2 is user-friendly and suitable for all skin types. It connects to the "FOREO For You" app and offers preset, guided routines for simple, calming mask treatments. Foreo UFO Mini 2 heats up to 45 ° C and Sonic pulsations improve the absorption of the ingredients by opening the pores and relaxing the facial muscles.

    LED lights have unique care properties (anti-aging, brightening, anti-reddening, etc.), which were preset based on the selected mask.

    Alternatively, you can customize the technologies in the app to create your own personalized treatment. Say goodbye to traditional masks and welcome the Korean skin care revolution!

  • 1. Connect the app via Bluetooth and press the universal power button to unlock and register your UFO 2 device for first time use

    2. Scan the barcode on the mask or on the mask’s box.

    3. Clip the mask into place with the plastic ring, press the universal start button and follow the app instructions

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