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Foreo Luna fofo Face Brush - Pearl Pink 1 pcs

Foreo Luna fofo Face Brush - Pearl Pink 1 pcs

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  • LUNA fofo helps you keep tabs on your skin’s hydration levels, tailoring the routine according to your needs so you can take actionAfter each skin analysis, a made-to-measure routine for your unique skin profile is created in the FOREO app, and synced to LUNA fofo for optimized results. Regular analysis results in a personalized routine, every time.

    A travel-friendly, ultra-hygienic, silicone cleansing brush that features app-driven skin analysis. 
    Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
    -  Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Pores, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

    This innovative device measures skin moisture index with 24k gold plated skin sensors to analyze skin diagnostics and reveal your skin’s true age and type. The FOREO app creates and syncs a customized skin profile and cleansing routine. Two AAA batteries lasts up to 400 uses.

  • -Open the Foreo app on your mobile device and turn on your Bluetooth.
    -Turn on LUNA fofo by holding the center button until the light starts blinking, indicating the Bluetooth is connected and your device is ready to begin the skin analysis.
    -Press and hold the skin sensors to the face areas according to the instructions in the app.
    -The Foreo app will analyze your skin's moisture index and skin age and then sync a customized cleansing routine to your device.

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