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Mini Salus Floradix with Iron Drink 15 ml

by Salus
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  • Mini size - easy and convenient for business trip, holiday or staycation

    Salus Floradix with Iron Drink for more energy, fitness and performance!

    Do you sometimes feel weak, tired or exhausted? Then this may be due to an increased iron requirement. Therefore, do not underestimate the necessary daily requirement and compensate for an iron deficit in good time; because only very few people know how important this mineral is for their health.

    Only blood that is sufficiently supplied with iron is able to supply the body with oxygen even in the most remote corners. If iron is missing, the entire organism lacks oxygen and can no longer fulfil its functions properly.

    Interesting facts about the mineral iron and Floradix with iron:
    - Floradix with iron for more energy, fitness and performance!
    - For pregnant women, nursing mothers and women who wish to have children, - Floradix is effective for meeting increased needs and replenishing iron stores.
    - Floradix contains a high level of bivalent iron, which can be absorbed and utilised by the body up to ten times better than trivalent iron.
    - The natural herbal extracts in Floradix provide a pleasant taste and support good gastrointestinal tolerance.
    - The herbal special tonic contains tolerance-promoting herbal extracts and valuable vitamin C, which promotes iron absorption.
    - Floradix with Iron is alcohol-free!
    - Floradix with Iron is without artificial preservatives, without lactose and without gluten.

    Indications: For increased iron requirements when there is a recognisable risk of developing an iron deficiency. There is an increased need for iron especially in the case of increased iron loss, e.g. during menstruation. There is also an increased need for iron during pregnancy, breastfeeding and during the recovery period after illness.

  • Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, adults and adolescents aged 10 years and over take 45 ml per day. 45 ml Floradix® with iron contains 36.8 mg usable iron(II).

    The dosage can be chosen as follows:
    - 2 times 22.5 ml (morning and evening) or
    - 3 times 15 ml (morning, noon and evening)

    Children from 6 to 10 years: 2 times 15 ml.
    30 ml Floradix® with iron corresponds to 24.5 mg iron(II).

    Please use the enclosed measuring cup for the intake.

    The application is not intended for children under 6 years of age.

    Route of administration: Shake before use. It is best taken chilled ½ hour before meals.

    Duration of use: If you have any questions about the duration of use, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Note for diabetics:
    15 ml correspond to approx. 0.3 BE.
    22.5 ml correspond to approx. 0.4 BE.
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