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Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion 100 ml

Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion 100 ml

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  • Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion reduces redness and soothes sensitive skin immediately and long lasting.
    Cleansing lotion against redness
    The Eucerin skin care lines for very sensitive skin - Ultra Sensitive and anti-redness - follow a holistic approach to the treatment of the three properties very sensitive skin: a weakened skin barrier, overly strong sense of irritation and a tendency to redness.
    The first and most important step of the care sensitive skin is to ensure that the skin is thoroughly and gently cleansed at the same time without irritating them or irritate the already weakened skin barrier. A weakened skin barrier is more prone to irritation. Stimuli can more easily penetrate and cause skin irritation. This creates a skin discomfort which is referred to by those affected, among other things as burning or stinging.
    Eucerin Ultra Sensitive cleansing lotion cleanses very sensitive skin (including redness / rosacea / rosacea prone skin) gently. Simultaneously, the "pure" formula contains only a limited number of ingredients to avoid incompatibilities and allergic reactions possible. Although the Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion contains no surfactants and is very mild, makeup is completely removed. Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion contains SymSitive *, an innovative ingredient that has been specially developed for hypersensitive skin. It exerts its regulatory effect on the origin of irritation and soothes the skin immediately.
    Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion soothes redness and irritation immediately. This makes the lotion an essential step in your daily skin care sensitive skin.
    Like all products of care series for very sensitive skin is protected by a package with a dual-valve system against pollution also Eucerin Ultra Sensitive cleansing lotion.
     * = Registered trademark of Symrise AG, Germany

  • Apply twice daily to clean the skin thoroughly to relieve redness and to provide immediately for a long-lasting pleasant feeling.

  • Aqua
    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    Isopropyl Palmitate
    Pentylene Glycol
    Cetyl Alcohol
    4-t-Butylcyclohexanol (Trans-Isomer)
    Arginine HCL
    Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
    Sodium Carbomer
    Caprylyl Glycol



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