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Kids Bath With Thyme 35ml

by Eucabal
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  • Eucabal children's bath with thyme with the ingredients thyme and almond oil Soothes the irritated airways (thyme oil) Cares for delicate skin of children with almond oil Free from foaming substances Suitable for neurodermatitis Eucabal children's bath with thyme is a nourishing bath additive that is produced in Germany without colorants, fragrances and preservatives. The bath is dermatologically tested and can be used from infancy. The gently scented ingredients of the thyme oil soothe the respiratory tract and ensure a pleasant tiredness. Already a small amount of Eucabal children's bath with thyme in the bath water is sufficient as the almond oil lays on the skin like a protective film and is very productive. It nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and supple.

  • How to use the Eucabal baby bath with thyme? Full bath: 10 - 15 ml (1 - 1.5 caps). For use in children or infants, 5 ml (1/2 cap or 1 sachet) is sufficient. Eucabal baby bath with thyme is added to the incoming bath water to ensure an even distribution.

  • • Thymianstängel-Öl

    • Mandelöl, nativ

    • Thymianöl

    • D-Limonen

    • Linalool

    • Sonnenblumenöl

    • DL-?-Tocopherol