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Unlock Extra Savings: Get €10 Off Your €150 Cart with Code SPRING24

Fresenius Enema 20x130 ml

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Original price €69,96
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  • Fresenius Enema 20x130 ml for constipation and fecal congestion. 

    - Ready to use for rectal enema

    In the case of constipation and fecal congestion of different causes, if harmful and painful exertion during defecation is to be avoided, the cage animal causes an almost physiological emptying of the rectum.

    It is also sufficient for emptying the rectum after operations, childbirth and rectoscopy, as well as prior to radiological examinations.

    The hypertonic solution creates an osmotic pressure gradient between the intestinal fluid and the plasma, so that more fluid flows into the intestinal lumen.

    The resulting filling and pressure increase in the rectum stimulates intestinal peristalsis in a physiological way.

    • Ready-to-use bottle for rectal enema
    • Safe and easy handling and low risk of injury to the rectum thanks to pre-greased special tube
    • The built-in check valve prevents the recoil of the faecal solution and enables a clean application
    • Defecation occurs within a few minutes
    • Environmentally friendly material made of polyethylene
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  • 100 ml contain:

    Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 13.91 g

    Sodium monohydrogen phosphate 3.18 g

    Sodium benzoate 0.1 g

    methyl p-hydroxybenzoate 0.05 g