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Emser Nasal Douche With 4 Bags Of Nasal Rinsing Salt 1 pc

by Emser
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  • Using the nasal douche with Emser nasal rinsing salt can prevent colds and support the regeneration of stressed nasal mucosa. Nasal rinses with Emser nasal rinsing salt mechanically flush bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen out of the nose. Excess secretion is removed, solid bark loosens and the nasal mucosa is effectively moistened. In this way, the nose is pleasantly free again and can fulfill its function.

    The product consists of a coordinated system with a nasal douche and 4 sachets of Emser nasal rinsing salt. The mineral composition is based on that of healthy nasal secretions.

    Emser nasal rinsing salt is a salt mixture of natural Emser salt and other mineral salts, the composition of which is based on healthy nasal secretions. It is therefore well suited for moistening the nose with dry mucous membranes. for effective prevention of colds and for regular rinsing where mechanical cleaning of the nose has proven effective, such as hay fever or house dust allergies. Nasal rinsing with Emser nasal rinsing salt can be carried out over a longer period of time without any problems.

  • The most pleasant way is to rinse your nose with a lukewarm rinsing solution. The salt must be completely dissolved beforehand by shaking.

    When rinsing, lean your head slightly over a sink, open your mouth wide and, if necessary, use the adjustable rinsing pressure through the lid valve: the water simply runs in one nostril and out the other and not down the throat.

    The correct dosage is provided by the appropriate sachets.

    Always use Emser® nasal rinsing salt or Emser Salz® for nasal rinsing. Rinsing with pure water or table salt is not advisable due to poor dosing, as these irritate the nasal mucosa and cause it to swell painfully.

    If some residual solution accumulates in the nasal niches after rinsing, it can be easily removed by bending your head left and right over the sink a few times.

  • Active ingredients: 2500 mg Minerals