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Droste-Laux Alkaline Gemstone Bath 900 g

Droste-Laux Alkaline Gemstone Bath 900 g

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  • DROSTE-LAUX® alkaline gemstone bath is designed for acid removal through osmosis

    The skin is our largest organ and is therefore responsible for many physiological regulatory processes. It is the mirror of the soul and our figurehead. If the skin can only fulfill its function as an excretory organ to a limited extent, this affects the entire organism.

    Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline natural cosmetics picks up on the centuries-old tradition of alkaline body care. The harmonious interaction between skin and alkaline bath water with a pH value of 8.5 and the subtle exchange of energy form the basis of this alkaline premium product. The fine recipe with valuable natural minerals promotes the removal of acids through the skin.

    Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline precious stone bath stands for cleansing, freshness, self-oiling, suppleness and charisma. It shows a very beautiful, velvety soft complexion. Pamper yourself with this medicinal alkaline bath. Feel the subtle level of the three precious stones aquamarine, rock crystal and rose quartz in the resonance medium water.

  • Alkaline gemstone bath full bath:
    3 tbsp in a full bath. Bathing temperature: 36 - 37.5 ° C. Bathing time: 30 min. To 90 min. And longer. With this medical product, the natural physiological regulatory processes of the entire skin are stimulated again. 2 full baths per week between 45 - 90 minutes, and it is best to rest after the bath.

    Alkaline gemstone foot bath:
    1 tbsp on a foot bath. In addition to health aspects, a foot bath is a real beautifier for the feet. Promotes sleep before going to bed; very refreshing and invigorating in summer as a cool foot bath. 3 - 5 foot baths per week during the day or in the evening between 30 - 60 minutes.

  • Sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sea salt, calcium carbonate, crystalline rock salt, natural minerals, aquamarine, rock crystal, rose quartz



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