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Doppelherz System Hair Plus 30 tab

Doppelherz System Hair Plus 30 tab

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  • Doppelherz System Hair Plus for hairs & nails helps maintain normal hair contains selected B vitamins, magnesium and 4 trace elementsThe tablet also contains silica, lignans from flaxseed extract, horsetail powder, L-cysteine, L-methionine and taurine.

    • Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair
    • Copper for hair color
    • Zinc and selenium help maintain healthy nails
    • With lignans, field horsetail, L-cysteine, L-methionine and taurine
    • The B vitamin biotin and the trace elements zinc and selenium help maintain normal hair.
    • Folic acid and magnesium play a role in cell division
    • Vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and pantothenic acid contribute to normal energy metabolism.
    • Vitamin B6 is required for the formation of the amino acid cysteine ​​and supports the normal regulation of hormonal activity.
    • The trace element molybdenum contributes to the metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids.

    Full, shiny hair and strong nails radiate health and beauty. Healthy hair and healthy nails primarily come from within. A sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is important for hair growth and hair structure.

    Doppelherz system Hair Plus contains a combination of selected B vitamins as well as magnesium and the trace elements zinc, copper, selenium and molybdenum to cover the supply of these nutrients or an increased need.

  • Take one tablet once a day as a main meal with sufficient liquid.

  • Füllstoffe Cellulose und Natrium-Carboxymethylcellulose, Magnesiumoxid, L-Methionin, Schachtelhalmpulver, Taurin, Kieselerde, L-Cystein, lignanhaltiger Leinsamenextrakt, Trennmittel Siliciumdioxid, Magnesiumsalze der Speisefettsäuren, Talkum und Speisefettsäuren, Überzugsmittel Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Maltodextrin, Farbstoffe Titandioxid und Eisenoxide und Eisenhydroxide, Zinkoxid, Calcium-D-pantothenat, Riboflavin, Pyridoxinhydrochlorid, Thiaminmononitrat, Kupfersulfat, D-Biotin, Pteroylmonoglutaminsäure, Natriumselenit, Natriummolybdat



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