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Doppelherz Magnesium & Calcium plus D3 40 cap

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  • Doppelherz Magnesium & Calcium plus D3 for your bones, energy metabolism and nervous system

    • For muscle function and bone preservation
    • With 250 mg of magnesium for the normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal energy metabolism
    • With 450 mg of calcium + vitamin D for normal bone preservation and normal muscle function

    An optimal supply of vitamins and minerals is an important prerequisite for the well-being and performance of our body. Magnesium and calcium are two vital minerals that our body needs to activate and sustain many biological processes in the body.

    Magnesium is a mineral that the body can not make on its own. In addition, storage is possible only to a limited extent. The high level of processing of foods today may mean that the amount of magnesium absorbed through the diet is not always optimal. When preparing food, additional losses may occur. But even the regular consumption of alcohol deprives the body of magnesium.

    • contributes to the normal energy metabolism
    • contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system

    Calcium is stored in our bones. The mineral can be released again from this storage location if necessary (eg if there is insufficient calcium intake). Calcium is therefore active in our body. It is taken up, stored in the bone, dissolved out again and must be fed again to compensate. Therefore, it is important to ensure adequate nutrition through the diet.

    • is needed for the maintenance of normal bones
    • plays a role in normal muscle function
    • makes a contribution to the signal transmission between the nerve cells

    The calcium supplement "Vitamin D" contributes to a normal utilization of calcium, to normal bone preservation and to normal muscle function. Vitamin D can be produced by the body by regular exposure to sunlight on the skin itself. However, this own production is often insufficient in our latitudes.

    In the case of an unbalanced diet or an increased need for nutrients through physical exertion (eg sports), supplementation with Doppelherz Magnesium & Calcium plus D3 tablets is recommended. For older people and menopausal women, supplementing these two minerals and vitamin D in an unbalanced diet can be particularly important - among other things, because the organism can then no longer use the calcium so well.

  • Take 1 tablet daily with a sufficient amount of liquid and swallowed whole. If necessary, the tablet can also be divided into two halves.

    Store dry and not above 25 ° C. Not suitable for children under 12 years.

  • Calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, microcrystalline cellulose filler, antidegradants fatty acids, carboxymethylcellulose anticaking agents, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose antiperspirant, talc release agent, polyvinylpyrrolidone filler, fatty acid magnesium salt releasing agents, titanium dioxide coloring agent, hydroxypropylcellulose coating agent, coconut oil, cholecalciferol