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Doppelherz Cranberry, Pumpkin, Vitamin C & Selenium Capsules 60 cap

Doppelherz Cranberry, Pumpkin, Vitamin C & Selenium Capsules 60 cap

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  • Doppelherz Cranberry, Pumpkin, Vitamin C & Selenium support your immune system and cell protection

    • With 800 mg cranberry extract and 200 mg pumpkin seed extract as daily dose
    Vitamin C and selenium to support the normal functioning of the immune system
    • Doppelherz Cranberry, Pumpkin, Vitamin C & Selenium for cell protection
    • Vitamin C and selenium help to protect cells from oxidative stress.

    A good supply of vitamin C and selenium supports the normal functioning of the immune system. Our body is a multi-talent, but the body cannot produce vitamin C and trace elements such as selenium by itself. You have to provide these nutrients with regular and sufficient nutrition. However, in an unbalanced diet, intake is not always optimal. The cranberry and pumpkin seed plant preparations form the plant base of Doppelherz's capsules.

    The cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is also known as the "big cranberry" or crane cranberry. The latter is due to their delicate pink-white flowers that are reminiscent of a crane head by their shape. The cranberry grows in the bogs of North America and is closely related to European cranberry and blueberry. Already among the natives of North America, it was a significant and highly valued food. Today, the cranberry is increasingly finding its way into our kitchen.

    Pumpkin is an ancient human food and have been used for centuries.

  • Take 1 capsule daily in the morning and in the evening with plenty of fluid, not chewed.

    Store dry and not above 25 ° C. Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

  • "Cranberry extract, Dicalcium phosphate filler, Pumpkin seed extract, Gelatin (Beef), L-ascorbic acid, Maltodextrin, Anti-caking agents Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Anti-caking agent Silica, Colorant Titanium dioxide, Sodium selenite



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