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Doppelherz Antarctic Krill Capsules 60 cap

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  • Doppelherz System Antarctic Krill is a dietary supplements with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids for heart function & immune system.

    • The omega-3 fatty acids EPA / DHA contribute to normal heart function.
    • Vitamin B1 contributes to the normal functioning of the heart, the energy metabolism and the nervous system. 
    • Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal muscle function and normal bones.
    • Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones. It also contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal signal transmission between the nerve cells.

    Doppelherz system Antarctic krill is a real all-rounder for health with its high content of omega-3 fatty acids from krill oil in combination with other important nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids are an important part of a healthy diet. Nevertheless, the supply of these vital long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids is not optimal for all people.

    The special thing about krill oil: Omega-3 conversion aid phospholipids The oil is obtained from a small type of cancer called "krill", which comes from the Antarctic. It contains its valuable omega-3 fatty acids in combination with so-called phospholipids. This means that these omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed even better than those from fish oil. Phospholipids are therefore a kind of "recovery aid" for omega-3 fatty acids. Krill naturally contains astaxanthin, which is responsible for the characteristic red color of krill oil.

    Doppelherz system Antarctic krill offers a combination of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B1 in addition to a high content of krill omega-3 fatty acids. It affects the normal function of the heart, bones and muscles as well as the immune system and nerves.

  • Take 2 capsules daily with some liquid without chewing.

    The stated recommended daily amount must not be exceeded.

    Storage: Store
    cool (6-25 ° C) and protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Lipid extract from the CRUSTACEAN Antarctic krill Euphausia superba (krill oil) 37%, calcium carbonate, gelatine (beef), SOYA OIL (partially hardened), humectant glycerine and sorbitol, coating agent beeswax yellow, emulsifier SOYA LECITHIN , thiamine mononitrate, colorants Aroma.

    Lactose free

    Gluten free

    composition per capsule per daily portion % NRV *
    Krill oil containing omega-3 fatty acids 500 mg 1000 mg **
    therein omega-3 fatty acids 110 mg 220 mg **
    of which EPA 60 mg 120 mg **
    of which DHA 27.5 mg 55 mg **
    Vitamin B1 1.1 mg 2.2 mg 200%
    Vitamin D 5 µg 10 µg 200%
    Calcium 120 mg 240 mg 30%

    * Nutrient reference values ​​according to EU regulation 1169/2011 
    ** no nutrient reference values available