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Doppelherz Antarctic Krill Capsules 60 cap

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    • Doppelherz Antarctic Krill Capsules is a true all-rounder for health with its high content of omega-3 fatty acids from krill oil in combination with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B1.

      -  The omega-3 fatty acids EPA / DHA contribute to normal heart function with a daily intake of 250 mg.
      - Vitamin B1 contributes to the normal function of the heart, the energy metabolism and the nervous system.
      - Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal muscle function and normal bones.
      - Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones. It also contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal signal transmission between neurons.

      1000 mg Krillöl in premium quality
      The oil is derived from a small type of "krill" that originates from the pristine Antarctic. The krill feeds on microorganisms and plankton from the ice-cold Artic Sea and is at the beginning of the food chain. And exactly this purity is decisive for the krill oil. The valuable omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil are therefore considered to be particularly high-quality and unadulterated.

      The natural plus: Phospholipids as omega-3 recovery aids
      Astonishing property: The valuable krill oil provides the body omega-3 fatty acids in a particularly easy-to-use form, as they are bound to so-called phospholipids. This allows them to be absorbed by the body even better than those from fish oil. Phospholipids are a kind of "utilization aid" for omega-3 fatty acids.

      In addition, krill oil used by Doppelherz contains valuable astaxanthin. This carotenoid gives the krill its characteristic red color.