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Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals

Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals

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  • Even with 1 capsule of Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals daily, your body will gain important vitamins, minerals and trace elements plus lutein for many hours of the day.

    An optimal supply of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements is an important prerequisite for well-being and performance. The body can not produce these vital nutrients by itself. We therefore have to supply these substances daily. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products, but also regularly consumes fish, can meet the nutritional needs.

    What are multivitamins?
    Actually, the name "multivitamin" in the language is a bit misleading, because meaningful compound supplements contain not only several vitamins, but also minerals and trace elements. The term "multivitamin" may only be used if legally regulated minimum quantities of the ingredients used are complied with. For example, a multi-fruit drink does not necessarily have to be a multivitamin juice. In Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals tablets, minerals and trace elements are carefully matched to each other in meaningful amounts.

    When do multivitamins make sense?
    The product Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals is a dietary supplement. As such, it is dosed so that it can balance or cover supply gaps through an unbalanced diet and increased needs in certain life situations meaningful, without burdening the body.

    Supply gaps can arise, for example, as a result of impaired vitamin metabolism. However, an increased need for certain nutrients can also arise in the case of one-sided diets, consumption of nicotine or alcohol, stress or exercise, or the use of certain medications.

    Changing living conditions often also bring with them a special need for nutrients. During pregnancy and lactation, the need for some nutrients increases significantly. Vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B6 should also be central components of a healthy diet during pregnancy, such as iodine, zinc and iron. In such a case, supplementing your diet with Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals is a good way to tackle these supply gaps.

    New living conditions in old age and a changing organism can also contribute to an increased need for nutrients. Chewing or swallowing problems, altered taste perception, loss of appetite and dwindling thirst must be taken into account in the diet. In addition, the metabolism works slower for seniors, so that this can lead to supply gaps. Of course, multivitamin supplements can not replace balanced whole foods. However, supplements like Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals can help to close nutrient gaps when needed.

    Which ingredients are included in Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals?
    The dietary supplement contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and additionally the herbal carotenoid lutein.

    Vitamins are organic compounds that the human body - except for vitamin D - can not produce itself. So we have to provide it to our body with food. The Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals tablets contain 13 essential vitamins: the water-soluble vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin and pantothenic acid, as well as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

    Minerals and trace elements:
    Even minerals and trace elements are substances that the body can not produce. The difference between them is only in the amount needed by the body. Trace elements are literally only in "traces", ie in very small amounts in the body before (less than 50 mg / kg), minerals or "quantity elements", however, are present with over 50 mg / kg body weight.

    The minerals calcium and magnesium as well as the trace elements phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, molybdenum and iodine are meaningfully combined with each other in the Doppelherz A-Z Depot Vitamins & Minerals.

  • Take 1 tablet daily after a meal with sufficient liquid, without chewing. If necessary, the tablets can also be divided into two halves

  • Composition:
    Fillers, cellulose, isomalt and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, dicalcium phosphate, L-ascorbic acid, magnesium oxide, release agent feed fatty acids, magnesium salts of feed fatty acids, talc and silica, modified starch, nicotinamide, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, zinc sulfate, calcium D-pantothenate, dyes titanium dioxide and iron oxides (Coconut, palm) in variable weight fractions, glucose syrup, retinyl acetate, pteroyl monoglutamic acid, D-biotin, potassium iodide, chromium (III), hydroxypropylcellulose, calcium carbonate, ) -chlorodide, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, phytomadione, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin



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